• 50 paysites, 40000 FHGs
  • 50/50 parntership
  • $150 webmaster referral
  • pantyhose/nylon/strapon
  • shemale/mature/lesbian
  • anal/foot-fetish/gay
  • and other niches
15.09.2008New site just launched, GirlsForOldmen.com

GirlsForOldmen.com is our first try in old&young niche. Very delicate and erotic, GirlsForOldmen.com is unlike any other old and young site available on the market today. It emphasizes the beauty of relationships between young women and older men, and puts strong accent on erotic storylines and skillful and sensual seductions – which is really the meat of the matter with old&young topic, while only selected few of the modern sites provide that stuff to the target audience. Being unique certainly helps with getting more sales, so do not waste time, get promo tools and start promoting our new masterpiece asap. Also, if you have old&young, traffic stay tuned, more on topic sites will follow.
02.09.2008New site just released, GaySissies.com

Let them sissy boys of our planet rejoice with our incomparable brand new GaySissies.com and its brilliant, outstanding content; and let our webmasters rejoice with pure gold filling their coffins. As ya’all know from StraponSissies.com example, sissy topic, when done right, is PURE GOLD no kidding. And GaySissies.com IS done right, catering to real wishes of them sissy guys who want to dress in female clothes and get fucked by men. Yes we know our business and know how to shoot content and make sites that make surfers crazy.

Login into your webmaster account, get promo tools and start sending traffic asap, with things like GaySissies.com every day of delay may cost you a small fortune in terms of sales.
22.07.2008New site added to the program, BoysLoveMatures.com

BoysLoveMatures.com is a magnificent new site for mature niche with excellent design and unique stylish content that surfers love so much. About time to bust blocks with something fresh and exciting in mature niche, and our new BoysLoveMatures.com is surely up to the task. Login into your webmaster account to grab galleries and other promo stuff and start turning your mature traffic into gold with our sparkling brand new site.
08.07.2008New site just launched, AnalSaga.com

AnalSaga.com is our first purely anal project, not intermixed with other niches. Bold design and great content shot in a style that was never seen before in this niche make it a standalone site for anal surfers. AnalSaga.com looks very fresh and exciting for anal niche regulars which will surely bring in lots of easy sales to our webmasters. If you have anal traffic you should definitely try our brand new AnalSaga.com, it’ll make an excellent moneymaking addition to your pool of anal sites to promote. Also stay tuned, we plan to develop anal niche further, more sites will follow soon.

All necessary promo materials are already in place, login into your webmaster account to grab them and start making crazy sales with our brilliant shiny new site asap.
04.04.2008New design and new stats

New completely rewritten webmasters area is now available:

It is much more user friendly now and loaded with new features to help you convert your traffic better.

For those who get paid by program, all financial data were imported from our old bookkeping system - please check your payment info and balances carefully to make sure everything is correct. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Both main program site and admin area were completely redesigned, enjoy new modern look of both.
16.08.2007After almost one year from the last release, we’re launching 6 excellent new sites today!

1. Anal-pantyhose.com
Hardcore anal pantyhose sex.
2. BackdoorLesbians.com
Lesbian anal sex.
3. StraponPower.com
Strapon domination sex.
4. ShemaleWeddings.com
Just married shemale sex.
5. LesbianDiscounts.com
Network site for lesbian niche
6. StraponDiscounts.com
Network site for strapon niche

Hosted galleries and free content for all new sites are already available:

For banners visit this page:
20.05.2007Huge hosted galleries update

Our new FHGs administration system just finished beta-tests phase.
25000 new galleries are already available, more will follow shortly.


New features:

1. Regular weekly FHGs updates.
2. Enhanced export tools.
3. Automated import of new galleries into your rotators or any other software that uses hosted galleries.
4. Powerful search system.
5. Two types of descriptions for each gallery (long and short).
14.09.20066 new sites just released: StraponSissies.com, StunningMatures.com, NylonScreen.com, LadiesKissLadies.com, MaturesToday.com, FetishDiscounts.com.
Free hosted galleries for our new sites are available under Launch 10 tab in galleries admin panel. Download file with descriptions for new galleries here (www.ferrocash.com/members/desks/desks_launch10.txt)

Banners and fresh free content is already available in banners section.
Descriptions for two recent FHGs launches are now available in URL|Desc format. Launch 8, Launch 9.
550 new FHGs added. To access them go to Promo Materials section,
FHGs, then select Launch 9. All new FHGs will be listed.
24.05.2006New sites just released:

PantyhoseParties.com – hardcore pantyhose group sex.
LoveNylons.com – hardcore stockings sex, this site is our first try in stocking niche.
ShemalesFuckShemales.com – shemales having sex with other shemales.
ShemaleDiscounts.com – network shemale site where surfers could join all of our shemales sites plus bonus sites at a discounted price. This site is similar to our pantyhose network site PantyhoseDicsounts.com, same sites included (all of our sites actually) and same pricing options, but accented specifically for shemale traffic.
LickSonic.com – our first site for lesbian niche.
ActionMatures.com – mature videos.

Also several of our older site were completely redesigned, here is the list:
PantyhoseScreen.com; WiredShemales.com; StraponTales.com; TransPantyhose.com; MaturesAndPantyhose.com

Promo materials for all new sites and most of the redesigned sites are already available, the rest will be available shortly.
11.03.2006New strapon site just launched, LadiesFuckGents.com

LadiesFuckGents.com is an excellent new addition to our family of strapon sites, covering this topic from really fresh and innovative angle. Site features both hi res photos and DVD quality videos, all of them showing elegant ladies pumping well dressed gentlemen. Brilliant design, fresh concept, and excellent content - this site has it all, thus making a strong claim to become a great success. We advise you to send every bit of your strapon and “strapon compatible” traffic to our new site and take advantage of this rare opportunity to make quick and easy buck of off the new high converting site.

Free content, banners and FHGs for the new site are already available in our banners.

We prepared huge update of free content, more than 1300 new sets are available for downloads. Also more than 200 fresh FHGs are available, select >>launch>>7 in galleries’ selection menu to view all new galleries.
15.02.2006New site just released, FeetScreen.com
It's 100% video site dedicated to foot fetish topic, featuring every kind of action foot fetish guys want - footjobs, trampling, foot and shoe sniffing etc. With the quality of stuff and variety of scenarios unheard of before in foot fetish niche our new site might be a good addition to your foot fetish traffic sources.

Also check NylonFeetLine.com - this site was completely redesigned to improve conversions.

FHGs, banners and free content for both new and the redesigned site are already available, check Promo Materials section for links.
26.01.2006New site launched, PantyhoseForLadies.com

It's our new pantyhose site, featuring group lesbian pantyhose sex, both photos and videos. We haven't released anything lesbian related for pantyhose niche in a long while, and now there is a strong demand for fresh content on this topic. But PantyhoseForLadies.com is not simply lesbian pantyhose site - it shows female group sex in pantyhose, something unseen and unheard of before in pantyhose niche. We strongly believe that this site hits the market in the right time, and this is a good chance for all of our affiliates to make big bank of off your traffic!

Also check www.epantyhoseland.com - this site was completely redesigned for better conversions.

FHGs and banners for both new and redesined sites are available within the Promo Materials section.
12.01.2006New site launched, GirlsForMatures.com
100% video site featuring young girls having sex with mature women, our second try in mature niche after very succesfull GuysForMatures.com.
All necessary promo materials are already at your disposal - FHGs, banners and free content.

We plan to release several more sites this month, stay tuned.
21.10.2005New site released - GuysForMatures.com (mature niche). It's 100% video site, featuring DVD quality mature videos.

Also our flagship pantyhose site PantyhoseDiscounts.com was completely redesigned to improve conversions.

Visit Promo Materials section for fresh free content, FHGs and banners.
19.08.2005New sites released: StraponScreen.com and NylonFeetVideos.com
Both are quality video sites, covering strapon and foot fetish niches. 50 FHGs available for each one of them, also we prepared lots of quality screenshots and banners for promotion.

Two of our older sites, PantyhoseLine.com and Pantyhose1.com, were redesigned for better conversions. 50 fresh FHGs and several fresh banners available for each of the redesigned sites.

Also free content for most of the other sites was updated, fresh FHGs avaialble for ShemaleScreen.com and PantyhoseTales.com. Visit our Promo Materials section for links.
26.04.2005New sites launched - ShemaleScreen.com and PantyhoseTales.com
Both sites feature most requested type of content nowadays - DVD quality videos. For both of them we prepared lots of movie FHGs, photo quality screenshots, and banners. For links visit our Promo Materials page.

Also new promo tool is available - Movie of the Day, for more info visit this page.
29.12.2004POTDs for our new sites added, your linking codes are:
14.12.2004New sites launched, maturesandpantyhose.com and shemalesfuckgirls.com
All necessary promo materials (fhgs, banners, free content) are available within appropriate sections. Free content for several other sites was also updated.
19.11.2004POTDs for our new sites added, your linking codes are:
03.11.2004Two new sites just released: SecretaryPantyhose.com and ShemalesFuckGuys.com
Both are excellently designed and packed with quality niche content which will ensure you great sales. SecretaryPantyhose.com goes with 30 great converting FHGs and 20 sets of free content; for ShemalesFuckGuys.com we also prepared 30 FHGs and 20 sets of free content. Banners and other necessary promo materials are available in the Promo section.

Free content for all other sites was also updated.
As always, more sites are coming. Stay tuned!

Other news:
1. We reduced minimum wire payout to $300; payments through Fethard.biz are now available (epassporte is coming soon)
2. FHGs for the following sites were added:
PantyhoseScreen 40 (all movie FHGs)
WiredShemales 50 (including 10 MFHGs)
Strapontales 30
Bitrios 30
PantyhoseDiscounts 30

3. We now have trials available, to enable them for your traffic use the following linking code:
(replace sitename with the actual site’s name and revsharerID with your actual ID)

4. All sites now have e-mail collectors; all surfers who subscribed to get news will be added to our database with your referral. When they’ll start getting spam from us it’ll be with your linking code, all resulting sales will appear in your stats and will get paid under usual terms.
5. We created two new boards for our webmasters: forum.ferrocash.com for English speaking webmasters; and groza.biz for Russian speaking webmasters.
6. New features were added to webmasters statistics (you can now see raw, unique and join page hits); search functions were enabled for our FHGs list.
13.05.2004New pantyhose site launched, PantyhoseScreen.com. It has 100% video content, amazing DVD quality and resolution, and is doomed for success.

Another great news – we now have free hosted galleries, including movie galleries! For links please visit, this page will automatically generate linking codes for you with your RevSharerID already added.

Also please check our new service, Prize Domains. With it you can get free domain name with a full hosting package for every 30 signups you made with our program.

Free content for all sites was also updated, as usually you can find it in our Promo Materials section
19.12.2003New site launched, TryPantyhose.com.
Finally we made a site for the huge audience of guys who love to wear pantyhose. Demand for such content is enormous; we constantly get men in pantyhose pics and videos requests from our other sites’ members. Now we created a site dedicated specifically to this topic – to satisfy demand and to add yet another opportunity to make money for our webmasters. Site’s content features solo guys in pantyhose; male/female, male/male, bi and strapon sex in pantyhose; and videos.

As usually there are 10 picture sets to promote new site, and banner. Free content for several other sites was also updated; please visit our Promo Materials page to download is. Your linking code for the new site is:
06.12.2003New site launched, PantyhoseDiscounts.com At this site customers could buy subscription to all of our sites at once, at a discounted price. The catch is relatively high sign up price and low rebills cost - first charge is 84.95, then 3 months at 49.95/month, and then 29.95/month forever. Customers get unlimited access to all our sites including pictures, videos, archives and the updates; which makes PantyhoseDiscounts.com the best deal available on the market for pantyhose surfers. Aiming both at high commission from initial sales and great retentions (our huge content database and daily updates will ensure both; also the rebilling structure will encourage members not to cancel because the way back will be more expensive) PantyhoseDiscounts.com is currently the greatest money making opportunity for our webmasters. Start promoting this site right now, until there are still lots of surfers who are not using our new system!

Download banners for the new site here.
29.11.2003By webmasters requests new feature added to our Picture of the Day tool - you can now get thumbnails from our POTDs to your server every day automatically. Please read detailed instructions here:

Also we can now switch consoles off for your account. If you need that feature enabled please send a request to support@ferrocash.com
21.11.2003New promotional feature is available, Pic of the Day. For more info and your linking codes please visit this page

New domains are available at our free host, www.pantyhosexpress.com and www.inpantyhosewetrust.com. New submissions will be served on the new server, meaning no more problems with server's overloads. Also TGP hosting is available again.
13.11.2003New pantyhose site just released, PantyhoseCoeds.com! Designed in the American pop style it is noticeably different from our other sites; which will make up for better sales. First tests showed that site’s doing amazing; hurry up to make your quick buck until it didn’t get overexposed!

Your linking codes is:

As always we have a full set of promotional materials for you, promo materials for all other sites were also updated.

Stay tuned, more pantyhose sites are coming soon!
15.06.2003New sites added to the program – Bitrios.com and WiredShemales.com. Both sites have unique features and exclusive original content that make them different from other bi and shemale sites on the market. Both sites are 100% hardcore, there is no filler content – only hardcore shemale and bi sex. There is a usual sets of promo materials available, including 10 picture sets for each sites. Your linking codes for the new sites are:
15.05.2003New site added to the prorgam - www.strapontales.com
This site is a part of our strategy to expand into the new niches, more site will follow shortly. Male/female strapon content is among the rarest available on the Net, and we have lots of it, both for members and for webmasters; use it wisely to get maximum $$$ for your traffic. There are 10 sets of pictures available to promote strapontales.com, and full set of banners as well. Your linking code is:

Free content for all other sites was updated with 10 picture sets for each site.

Free bannerless hosting now available to promote FerroCash sites. Visit www.ferrohost.com to get your account.
16.01.2003New free-content for transpantyhose.com is available, 10 picture sets.
09.12.2002New site launched – TransPantyhose.com. This site is dedicated to shemales in pantyhose, truly new concept for the pantyhose niche. Site will do well for both types of traffic (pantyhose and shemales), as it is absolutely new, has original content and there are no similar sites around.
We prepared the usual set of promo materials for you, including 10 free sets of pictures. Experienced webmasters know that shemale content is rare and hard to find, here you get 200 excellent original pictures, hurry to make your buck out of them until they’re not posted everywhere. Free content for all other site was also updated, 10 sets of fresh pictures are available for downloads for each site.
30.08.2002New pay-per-minute service launched, check the Dialers page for details. We currently have 3 dialer members zone - pantyhose, foot fetish and panties, connected through EBS-AG and LiberECO.
06.07.2002New free content posted, 10 picture sets for each site. Also there are several new banners for pantyhoseline.com, and we completely changed design layout for it. Check the new one www.pantyhoseline.com.
06.06.2002 New FPAs posted for pantyhoseline.com. They promote new special features in the members zone created by requests of our members, and using them may greatly improve your conversions.
22.05.2002New promotional materials posted - free content, FPAs, HPAs, text links etc:
We prepared full promotional packages for PantyhoseFace.com and ePantyhoseLand.com, quantity of the new promo materials for other sites vary from site to site. We continue to work and more promo materials will be posted soon.
26.04.2002New site added to the ferrocash.com program – pantyhoseface.com. As always we have selected unique theme within pantyhose fetish niche not yet covered – nylon masked women. While the theme is very popular (we get lots of requests for that sent to our other sites) there are no sites around offering enough of this content. In fact, demand is so high we have had to remove projected tour pages from the web as surfers found them and started to sign-up prior to the official release date.

We prepared lots of free content to promote the new site – use it wisely to get really high sales. Free-content for the current sites was also updated. Your revshare code to promote the new site is:

Also please not that ePantyhoseLand’s tour was updated to reflect improvements to the members zone.

Other news.
We’re going to shift the weight from supplying webmasters with tons of free-content to rather giving away other promo materials, such as full page ads promoting selling points of our sites (that’s why this time we posted less free content for the current sites then we usually do). We haven’t been able to complete the work on the promo materials to the pantyhoseface.com release date and will be posting them during the upcoming week, as soon as they’re ready. First sites to get full supply of different kinds of promo materials are PantyhoseFace and ePantyhoseLand (we project to complete that this week). Other sites will get their promotional package one at a time during the next month.
01.03.2002New site added to our partnership program
- Foot-Orgies.com / http://www.foot-orgies.com

This is brand new foot fetish megasite, it has complete set of themes foot lovers are looking for - footjobs, foot domination, GTS and POVs, foot sniffing etc. What makes this site unique and special is the big section with group foot sex pictures. Foot orgies are the most requested content in foot fetish niche and our site has plenty of it, that would be ideal selling point for you.

For the new site we supplied more free content than usually, 22 picture sets are available. Free content for the old sites was also updated: free-content

Your linking code for the new site is:
10.27.2001New sites added to our partnership program – Pantyhose1.com and DominaLine.com

Pantyhose1.com – site dedicated to the lesbian pantyhose sex. And again, as always, unique positioning on the market will make this site interesting for surfers and easy to sell for webmasters. There are a lot of people who like seeing female/female sex in pantyhose, but currently they have no place to go. Many sites have female-female content included, but never enough to satisfy connoisseurs. Now there is a place. And, another bright side – new site on the rather saturated pantyhose market is always easier sell.

DominaLine.com – our next step to expand the presence on niche market. Big collection of female domination videos, one step forward to meet the growing demand for online video. Site has everything femdom lovers need, such as golden showers, trampling, facesitting,
severe discipline, forced feminization, spanking, foot worship etc. And what makes this site different from the other – we have all this on video.

Your linking codes are:

New free-content is in Free Content section, both for the new and for the old sites. More than 60 (!) pictures sets combined – that’s something to keep you busy for awhile.
08.13.2001Two new sites added to our program, NylonFeetLine.com and BestFetishVideos.com
NylonFeetLine is a site focusing on female feet in nylon, 98% pantyhose. Demand for such a content is enormous but there are no sites around offering strictly feet in pantyhose oriented pictures and videos. Working with members of our other pantyhose sites we get requests for more feet pictures every day, so we finally decided to launch a separate site to cover this section of the market. Due to the unique positioning on the market this site is deemed to success, so hurry to make money in the hot period when it’s new and conversion ratios are high. The best part of it is that this site could be promoted both on pantyhose and feet traffic, it targets both audiences and will be new for both.
BestFetishVideos is the online collection of fetish videos covering almost all known fetish themes. It will match any of your fetish traffic, no matter where it comes from. There are more then a dozen categories in it, including pantyhose, foot fetish, panties, upskirts and many others; this site will be a great addition to your online advertising.
Our free-content section is completely updated, there are pictures both for the new and for the old sites, total of 50 (!) new sets, something to keep you busy for awhile.
Your linking codes are:

In the course of the strategy to expand our program into the new niches we launched our first non-pantyhose project – Pantyola.com This is a panties&upskirts oriented site and it will be a great addition to your advertising since panties and pantyhose are two close fetishes. It will not be hard for you to start working with panty niche since its traffic is strongly mixed with pantyhose traffic. Several new traffic generators are added to the Resources section for your convenience. This site will be an easy-sell to mainstream surfers also – pictures are of glamour class (download free-content to make sure that’s true), girls are gorgeous, lingerie they are dressed in is very sexy. We didn’t include extreme parts of panty fetish such as “soiled panties” etc into the new site since it will scare the hell out of most surfers – everything we have done will be interesting to any adult surfer, but to the panty fetishists it will be of particular interest of course.

Any questions regarding our new site could be discussed on webmasters board, we’re always ready to answer and help you.

Your linking codes for sending surfers are:

Couple of words regarding pantyhose niche. Overwhelming success of pantyhoseline.com showed that pantyhose niche still have a great potential and it’s far from being reached. We are determined to keep the presence on our main market and expand it further, more news on that matter will be announced later.
1. No sites with illegal content are allowed into the program (no CP, lolitas, bestiality, rape, incest etc)


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