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Currently we have several dialer members zones covering our usual themes - pantyhose, foot fetish and panties. Members zones are connected through the 3 billing companies (EBS, LiberECO and Coulumb), so you could try them all and figure what's working better with your traffic. If you're new to the dialers read more about them here. Make sure to read Terms&Conditions, especially if you never worked with the dialers before.

We pay 60% of our own rates, for those who generate over 3000 mins/month we pay 65%. Approximate rates are here, note that they may deviate from the actual ones depending on the billing company you use and the total volume of minutes you generate. No matter what you always get 60 or 65% of the total sales you generate, detailed statement will be available in your stats, or may be sent via e-mail upon your request. Payments to be made 45 days after the end of the current month. You may get the money 15 days after the end of the current month if you choose to, at the additional fee of 4% from your total earnings for the current month.

Two order your dialers e-mail us, if you have RevshareID with ferrocash.com please include it in the message. You may order any particular members zone or billing company, or you may order all of them to test what works better for your traffic, we do not impose any restrictions upon that.

Below are the detailed descriptions of the members zones we have, and info on the billing companies they're connected through.

NoCreditCardPantyhose (connected through LiberECO and Coulumb) Pantyhose Pages, Feet Pages, Upskirt Pages (connected through EBS-AG)
Despite the title this members zone actually has not just pantyhose content. From this members zone customers may connect to the real members zones of 7 of our paysites (pantyhoseline, pantyhose1, epantyhoseland, pantyhoseface, nylonfeetline, foot-orgies and pantyola). Links inside are sorted by the theme (pantyhose, foot-fetish and panties), so this members zone will be good for any of the above types of traffic.

These members zones were specially designed for the dialers, with the selected contents on top to ensure maximum holding times. Although members zones are all cross-linked, we advise you to get different dialers for all types of traffic, so the surfers from certain niche would see their preferred contents first, and everything else as the second option.

LiberECO stats EBS Stats
Promo materials: FPA1 FPA2 Promo materials
Note: Coulumb dialers will be supplied upon additional request. Pantyhose FPA1 FPA2
Panties&Upskirts FPA1 FPA2
Foot Fetish FPA1 FPA2

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