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Promo Materials for Movie of the Day:

Last Updates: 26.04.2005


Movie of the Day service means that you can send traffic to the page where new movie from one of our sites displays daily, and where all links are already loaded with your RevSharerID. We strongly recommend you to try this promotional feature with your traffic as it is known to greatly improve sales. You do not have to pay hosting fees (we host this service on our servers), and do not have to search for pics and select them yourself either. You can simply send traffic and enjoy greater ratios.
Linking codes are displayed below, replace RevSharerID with your actual ID.


To get thumbnails from our Movie of the Day on your server every day please do the following:

Create file get_motd_thumbs.pl on your server (store it in the same folder were you wish to get daily thumbnails)


use Net::FTP;

$ftp = Net::FTP->new("pantyhoselabs.com");
foreach $name (@names)

make it executalble (for example, chmod 750)

We update pictures every day at 00.00 GMT. You need to launch get_motd_thumbs.pl through cron at 00:15 GMT.

make new cron task:

crontab -e
15 0 * * * cd /path_to_your_directory; perl get_motd_thumbs.pl

Here instead of 0 insert an hour that matches 00:00 GMT at your server
path_to_your_directory - full path to the directory where get_motd_thumbs.pl is located

After the script session thumbnails will appear in the same directory where get_motd_thumbs.pl is located

You can launch this script through the shell as well:
cd /path_to_your_directory
perl get_motd_thumbs.pl

P.S. To launch get_motd_thumbs.pl you need to have Perl Net::FTP module installed on your server (already available at Ferrohost).


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